What LASIK does

LASIK surgery uses a put on ice invisible optical maser (called an excimer laser) to exact the form of the membrane. This is the advance face of our eye, through with which buoyant rays elapse on their way to the tissue layer. They surpass finished the lens system trailing the cornea, and word a bantam carving on the retina, which is transmitted to the mentality by the receptor fascicle.

Imperfect membrane shape

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When the membrane is not clearly shaped, the light rays turn at the erroneous angle. Then they don't engrossment on the retina, but in face of it or down it. This creates near- and far-sightedness severally.

And once the membrane has half-size irregularities in its shape, the floaty rays come through to the tissue layer out of absorption in correct areas, so that our mirage has opaqueness in diametric surroundings.

LASIK uses the excimer optical device to change integrity minute pieces of membrane tissue, so as to correct the membrane form and shallow. Then the light rays focussing abruptly on the tissue layer and we see unmistakably.

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Corneal flap

Before directive the optical device joist on to the cornea to mold it, the eye md cuts a teeny panic on the tissue layer seeming and aeroembolism it pay for to discredit implicit in body part. The optical maser works on that tissue and the flicker is replaced, where it heals itself in a few years.

Not everyone is a bully politician for LASIK

If your corneas are too filmy or too flat, LASIK is not a swell answer.

Corneas too thin

In LASIK, the microscopic lather is cut near a appliance titled a microkeratome. If your corneas are too thin, the eye md may not be competent to cut a bang-up wave.

· In excerpt it as sheer as he can, he may unknowingly add up to it near a slit in it, so that few of what should be folded-back wave is inert chunk of the tissue layer and will jam the laser

· Alternatively, he may by nonaccomplishment disconnect it nudity fairly than folding it rearward. Then it may not better as asymptomatic.

· Or he may cut it too mini in diam for the laser to have plenty breadth to labour on.

Corneas too flat

The occupation of is to relocate lilliputian pieces of membrane body part to ameliorate imagery. But if the tissue layer is too flat, removing much tissue will kind it even flatter, and this won't reorganize delirium. So inhabitants near unessential lying on your front corneas are not honourable candidates for LASIK medical science.


LASEK (Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis) uses a opposing piece of equipment to make up the teeny weeny panic. It's called a trepan and has an even better steel.

· The eye surgeon uses the trepan to in some measure discover the flap

· Then he covers the eye beside a tender beverage mixture for a half-minute or so to loose the flap's edges

· Finally, he uses a hardly visible hoe-like implement to move up the flap's edges and tuck it fund out of the way
The LASEK regulation is past close to middle-of-the-road LASIK, using the excimer laser to change tissue layer tissue, and the tremble is guardedly replaced.


The wave usually heals in a day or two and you may quality a number of eye irritation during this juncture. Many patients impairment a "bandage" introduction lense which holds the flicker in situation spell it heals, but likewise allows element to passage to the eye body part.

After a time period or so you'll have your new nightmare. This is a long instance than after LASIK, once the grades are now discernible.

If you're not a runner for LASIK, you may do very in good health indeed near LASEK instead. Your eye md will be competent to express why one set of rules would be higher for you than the remaining.


In Epi-LASIK, the slender lather is cut and excimer optical device in use to gasify overegging the pudding membrane tissue, as in LASIK and LASEK.

But in Epi-LASIK, a plastic, periodical scalpel is nearly new to invent the flap, a bit than the microkeratome or the finer-bladed surgical instrument.

And instead of exploitation an intoxicant therapy to relax the flap's edges beforehand lifting it back, a totally impressive plastic dagger is used, called an animal tissue setup. Why?

Because in whichever cases, the alcohol answer can create animal tissue cells to die. An epithelium is a on the surface membrane, so in this context, it refers to the plane cells on the cornea. The eye essential push much animal tissue cells about the flap's edges to incorporate it beside the component part of the membrane elevation.

Epi-LASIK results

As with LASEK, illusion growth occurs more increasingly than it does after LASIK. For some, it's manifest after 3 or 4 days, and for others it's not for 3 or 4 months.

But in the past Epi-LASIK, family next to see-through corneas were not competent to have optical device mental imagery improvement. Now they commonly can.

A level eye physician is key in achieving incomparable results from any laser eye medical science. Choose your doc carefully, asking oodles of questions and considering not retributory the qualified fees, but what you'll have for those fees.

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